Cutest Couple Photo Contest: Leading Couples with Slideshow

Sam Buatti '13 and Kara Hartley's '13 photo entry in the Cutest Couple Contest.

Friday February 8th:

In the Facebook Cutest Couple Picture Contest, first place is currently Averi Cole ’13 and Christian Cabrera ’13, with 288 likes. In second, Sam Buatti ’13 and Kara Hartley ’13 with 242 likes. You still have time to submit an entry! Email a picture of you and your cutie to or mention @thelittlehawk in a tweet. The winners will receive free dinner at Atlas or Basta. The winner will be announced on Valentine’s Day.

Check back next week for an update, and like more pictures here:

[zooeffect A4OAnFLZuEg8]

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