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City High Debaters Win Regional District Qualifiers

February 12, 2013
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This weekend, City High debaters Kieran Green ’13 and Ava Vargason ’13 participated in the annual District Qualifiers for the National Forensic League’s Tournament Debate in Burlington, Iowa. Every team in Eastern Iowa participated, including teams from City High, West High, and CR Wash. Green explains the challenge of facing other competitive teams.

“West High has had a history of being extremely successful, so it was definitely a challenge,” Green said. “Eastern Iowa is a very competitive district.”

Teams debated for and against the US’ transportation of infrastructure. Early in the competition, the team lost a round to Sierra Washington, meaning if they lost one more round they would be eliminated from the tournament. 

“We did quite a lot of preparation. Ava created an entirely new affirmative to use against West. We did a lot of strategizing to figure out what everybody else was going to be running and how to counter that,” Green said, “but it was still kind of daunting knowing we’d have to win every single round of Saturday,

The team went on to win every round including the finals against West High. 

“There was a sense of relief, there had been a lot of anxiety especially after losing a round early on,”  Green said. “All of the adversity from the first part of the journey made it so much better when we finally won. It felt really surreal, and was really nice to debate with everybody.”

The same debate team comprised of Vargason and Green will continue onto the National Forensic League National Tournament in Birmingham in June.

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