Worst Super Bowl Commercials of 2013

February 19, 2013
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Among the great commercials aired during 2013′s Super Bowl, there were some oddly disturbing or just plain stupid ones. Proceed with caution. Check out the best commercials here.


#1: Go Daddy – Kissing… thing


[youtube width="560" height="315"]t-1oixpSShs[/youtube]


#2: Beck – Sapphire

What is happening here? There’s like a black fish underwater or something… I think Finding Nemo 2 has taken a turn for the worse.

[youtube width="560" height="315"]TJoiCP2Wnpw[/youtube]


#3: E-Trade

This baby has been on the air for way too long. Please just move on.

[youtube width="560" height="315"]mESblaaMbTg[/youtube]


#4: Budweiser - Black Crown

This could be a commercial for seriously anything. And isn’t clever or funny in any way. Stay in school.

[youtube width="560" height="315"]kLHYRlyhZss[/youtube]

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