Men’s Soccer Destroys Xavier in First Home Game


Marco Barenghi and Caroline Brown

The Little Hawks beat Xavier, ranked #1 in class 2A, 6-1 on the turf at City High yesterday. Collin O’Meara ‘16 scored a pair of goals, accompanied by goals by Rasmus Schlutter ‘14, Peter Larsen ‘15, John Havugaiurema ‘15 and a penalty kick scored by the captain, Adam Nicholson ‘15.

“The biggest difference between the Muscatine game and yesterday’s game is that we finished the chances we created. Today the team really came together,” Anton Buri ‘15 said.

Playing on the turf and not on a heavy grass field like in last weekend’s double header made it easier for City to move the ball quickly with lots of possesion and an efficient system of passes to control the game.

Freshman Schlutter continued his affinity for goals. He scored two goals against Mount Vernon in the Jamboree last Thursday. Starting in the Xavier game, he’s stepping into the role comfortably.

“He’s fast. He’s definitely a weapon and he’s getting goals; that’s what the team needs,” Buri said.

City is already looking forward to the next game. They will play at Cedar Falls on Thursday night, and followed by a difficult home game against Kennedy next week.


1/1 Roman Doyle SR

3/3 Drew Cornwell SR

4/4 Marco Barenghi SR

5/5 Joe Pugh SR

6/6 Collin O’meara SO

7/7 Zach Coleman SR

8/8 Rasmus Schlutter FR

9/9 Victor Brown-Rodriguez SO

10/10 Alejandro Pacheco SR

11/11 Gaby Baloci SO

12/12 Jonh Havugaiurema JR

13/13 Daniel Goldenstein JR

14/14 Anton Buri JR

15/15 Henry Mosher SO

16/16 Adam Nicholson JR

17/17 Scott Tribbey JR

18/18 Patrick Cyubahiro SR

19/19 Mitchell McCarthy SO

20/20 Minhall Abdelgalill SR

21/21 Peter Larsen JR

22/22 Omar Shaban SR