Girls’ Swim Team Kicks Off Season With New Coach

Madeline Deninger, Reporter

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The City High girl’s swim team won their meet Tuesday against Williamsburg. The team won every event that they competed in.

“A lot of us got good times compared to last week, and I think we’re just moving up as a whole,” Devan O’Rourke ‘17 said.

The team’s win followed a loss last week against Cedar Rapids Kennedy. Although the team lost, Taylor Pajunen ‘17 felt optimistic about the outcome.

“We lost, but we were going in kind of expecting that because they have about double our team. We won four individual events, so that was good for us,” Pajunen said.

Zane Hugo recently took the role as head coach of the girl’s swim team three weeks ago.

“It’s been a quick process of getting used to the school here,” Hugo said. “We have a strong core of girls who already know how to swim and have good technique and good aerobic skills. I’m trying to work with them and get to know them all.”

There are fewer swimmers than in years past, which will pose as a challenge for the team.

“We’re a small team so it’s hard to fill up the whole roster and I think we’re going to be struggling to compete with some of the larger teams out there, but our top end, our best girls, can hold their own against anyone out there,” Hugo said.

“Pretty much everybody’s on varsity at some point because there’s just so few kids. So everybody at the last meet, since we only had the required amount, swam varsity. So that was good to see,” Pajunen said.

The girl’s team has several swimmers that swim on a club team and have been training all year.

“A bunch of the kids are on the club team so we swam all summer. We took a small off season, but only like a week or two. So we’ve been training pretty intensively though the whole year, and we’ve been doing extra stuff like running, conditioning and biking,” Pajunen said.