City High Bowling

By Felix Mulligan


The girl’s bowling team is rolling over their competition.

The City High bowling team consists of 10 girls and 15 boys.  With only 3 meets left before Districts, the teams are working harder than ever before to prepare.

“We are just going out there and doing our best to win but it hasn’t happened yet. We will get there but it’s gonna take some more effort.” Dan Saehler 11’ said

The average score for a male bowler is 173 but Dan Saehler rolled a perfect 300 game last year.

“Rolling a 300 was one of the greatest feelings of my life, but my best score this year I think is 245 and I’m still aiming higher.” Dan Saehler 11’ said.

There have been some problems amongst the bowlers whether it is seniority or severe competition. “Some problems this year are the lack of experience in the competition. We also don’t get as much practice time as other schools because we have to split the time with West High because we only have one bowling alley in Iowa City.” Saehler 11’ said

Like many other sports a bowling match consists of many individual battles and team battles alike.

“In a match we play 2 games by ourselves and then we play bakers, which is like, let’s say you’re on JV, and you bowl frame 1 and 6 and 5 other people on JV bowl like 2 and 7, 3 and 8 and so on.” Shultz said.

Many sports whether it be football or golf there is always hostility between The City High Little Hawks and The West High Trojans and bowling is no different, but with the boy’s team not doing well it only fuels their eagerness to win and show their doubters that they can do it regardless of their record.

“The team this year has great chemistry. We all have fun together and we are always trying to keep each other positive because the lack of experience in the competition is causing the season not to go well but we look forward to the battle for the Kingpin against West. That will be a good meet to watch.” Saehler 11’ said.

As many colleges are seeing their coach staff leaving it is causing athletes to revaluate their choices to play next year.

“I will probably bowl next year, depends on who the coach is” Shultz 11’ said