Bring Down the House: Super Bowl and Deflate Gate

In the newest Bring Down the House, House previews the Super Bowl, and talks about the Patriots Deflate Gate controversy.

Bring Down the House: Super Bowl and Deflate Gate

Jonathan House, Reporter

For what will most likely be my final column until the fall, I thought I would just take a little bit of time to talk about the Super Bowl and Deflate Gate (AKA Ballghazi).


The New England Patriots are under investigation after supposedly deflating the balls, making them easier to catch. The question is, how much did the difference in air pressure really affect the game? The Patriots easily won the game, 45-7 over the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots I think stand out as the best team in the AFC. However, maybe the Patriots have been doing this for more than just one game. After an article Mr. Rogers sent me on, it shows that the Patriots fumble far less than the other teams in the league, but only since 2007, the year the NFL changed the law allowing teams to provide their own balls, a change that Tom Brady and the Patriots backed. Have the Patriots been deflating balls for seven years? More investigating needs to be done, but punishment could be very harsh.


Keep in mind that this isn’t the first time the Patriots have been caught cheating. In 2007, they got in trouble with the league for videotaping the New York Jets defensive coaches signals during a game. Coach Bill Belichick was fined half a million dollars, and the Patriots were fined an additional $250,000, and ended up losing their first round draft pick.


The thing that baffles me, is that the Patriots continue to get caught breaking various NFL regulations. The thing is, why do they continue doing this, and, they don’t even need to cheat. The Patriots have won three super bowls, and all in the twenty-first century. They also haven’t had a losing season since 2000, and have a chance to win a fourth Super Bowl on Sunday. They easily beat the Colts, and to me it just seems stupid to risk getting caught and paying huge fines and losing draft picks, when you could easily win without the extra advantage of having deflated balls.


Now to the game itself, the Patriots and Seahawks have consistently proven to be two of the best teams in the league in the last five years. New England last was in the Super Bowl in 2012, when they lost to the New York Giants. The Seahawks were in the game last year, and they won 43-8 last year. Dominating from the beginning of the game. Here’s the thing, I’m not really that fired up for this year’s game.


I was going to cheer for the Patriots, because I didn’t really have a strong disliking for the Patriots, like some people do…before Deflate Gate. Now, I feel as though they have completely ruined their reputation, and what message will it send to the other teams in the league if New England cheats, and gets a trophy, for cheating. Yes, they are a talented team, and they deserve to be in the Super Bowl, but I think the NFL needs to come down really hard on them, and now.


I also don’t really want the Seahawks to win, because they won it all last year, and they were so good, they made the game boring and meaningless in the second half. They shouldn’t be punished for being good, but the game was just boring by the second half, and I feel another team should win it, but the team they are playing cheated. I would’ve liked to see the Packers and the Colts, but the Colts got annihilated, and the Packers blew their fourth quarter lead in the fourth quarter in Seattle. I guess I am glad that the Packers aren’t in the Super Bowl, as I am a bit biased as a Bear’s fan, and take lots of abuse from Packers fans due to their new low they were able to achieve. Oh well, the Cowboys wouldn’t have been much better. I just wish we could get teams that aren’t as hated, it would create more excitement if there were a “Cinderella” like a wild card Cardinals or Ravens team in it this year. Those teams I feel are evenly matched, and people don’t have as strong opinions about them as the Patriots, Packers or Cowboys.


One thing, not really related to the game, but I think Super Bowl commercials are way over rated. A lot of people talk about them, but most of the “good ones” I generally find to be very average, and a large percent of all Super Bowl ads are completely forgettable. The few ones that are actually really good and creative we will see on the internet 100 times on Monday and Tuesday, and it really kind of diminishes their goodness, once they have been overplayed, and it takes the fun out of seeing them on Sunday night.


It has been a lot of fun creating this blog, but unfortunately, Sunday is the last football game for a while, so I won’t really have much to write about on here. However, when the season starts up again, in a brand new school year in August (or possibly September), I’ll be writing more about high school, college and pro football.