The Oscars: A Recap


Ellis Fontana and Cody Owen

Well, the Oscars are now past, and for those of us with Directv, we got to google the results, or in our case, one of us texted the other with regular updates. Contrary to our predictions, Boyhood didn’t sweep the show. In fact, the only recognition it received was Patricia Arquette’s Best Supporting Actress award. While we may have been wrong, we certainly weren’t disappointed (except for the Eddie Redmayne thing. Keaton should’ve won). Birdman and The Grand Budapest Hotel are excellent movies, actually better than Boyhood in our opinion, and definitely deserving of the tiny man-statue. However, while we were pleased with the awards, Neil Patrick Harris did fail to live up to his hype. Full of flat jokes and disappointing gags, we found ourselves wishing he were Ellen Degeneres, which is weird since they’re pretty much the same person. And to John Travolta, we get it. You’re actually acting so overtly straight that even though we went into it not thinking you were gay, we’re now pretty sure you’re gay. Of course this year’s Oscars ceremony was filled with many other talents as well. From John Legend and Common’s performance of “Glory”, to Lady Gaga blowing the audience away with her beautiful voice, to Terrence Howard… who really liked The Imitation Game.

So, in short, the Oscars were what was expected. They didn’t quite live up to the hype, but they never really do. Sadly enough, everyone showing up in clothing was what made the most headlines (I still advocate for the ‘only a paper bag’ style). The awards went to some good movies, and one award went to a mediocre one (I’m looking at you Boyhood). All in all, it was the same meat parade that George C. Scott neglected to grace with his presence in 1970, and we can probably expect the same next year. Might as well gear up for the impending wave of crappy summer blockbusters.