PE Fitness & Dance Recital

Jonathan House, Reporter

While students are stressing over finals at the end of the trimester, the new fitness and dance P.E. class wrapped up the trimester with two performances. This trimester was the first time that the class has been offered at City High. Physical education teacher Mariah Ritter said that the class fills a hole in the department.

“We felt it was an opportunity for a lot of kids, girls in particular, but not necessarily limited to girls, would like to do extra curricular activities here at school, like the dance team, band or choir, jazz band, cheerleading, something outside of the school day extracurricular wise,” Ritter said. “A lot of [students] have to have jobs after school, have to catch the bus, have to go home to take care of cousins or brothers or sisters, just for whatever reason, they have never been able to be a part of  a club or activity here at City High besides just attending classes.”

The class allows kids to create a dance routine, and have a final performance, kind of like a class. However, by taking the class, students also get physical education credit.

The class meets every day for the trimester, like a regular P.E. class. However, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, students rehearse their routine. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, they have fitness days, similar to the lifestyle fitness class.

“We started out just doing things like zumba, or fitness type dance, nothing towards working towards a performance,” Ritter said.  “Around winter break, we started working towards the routine.”

In addition to the routine, the class dance routine, the class also prepared small groups of 2-5 people in which they came up with dances to go along with music they selected.

The class performed in Opstead on Friday night, as well as a second performance during 4th hour on Tuesday for any students who have an open hour, and as another opportunity for parents to see their kids.

The class was so successful, it is being offered next trimester as well, due to such a high number of kids wanting to do it.