Field House Fee

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The University of Iowa is erecting a new recreational facility that will surpass the old one in both size and quality. However, students at City High are concerned about the potential loss of what has become a major hangout spot.

“I pretty much eat, sleep, and drink over there. If they start charging, I’ll basically need a new place to live,” said Jon Kusner, ’11.

According to Kerry DuBay, Associate Director at the University of Iowa’s Division of Recreational Services, the entry rates are being approved this week.

“It’s tentative, but youth under age 17 will be charged five dollars a day; adults ages 18 and up will be charged seven dollars a day.”

The Field House will begin charging admission once the Community Wellness and Recreation Center is completed.

“The Field House will eventually switch to a members-only basis,” said DuBay.

It will be renovated slightly so that it only has one entrance. According to her, athletes will have to check in at a membership desk before entering the building.

“We’ve already started renovations,” said DuBay,

University students will have automatic memberships; the public will have to pay for them, students who have dual enrollment will probably be admitted free of charge.

Most high schoolers, including Kusner, will not become members.

“For me, [the new field house] is completely useless: I won’t be allowed in,” said Kusner.