Find Out What’s in the Yearbook Supplement


Joseph Cress

Supplements and yearbooks are still available.


by Yearbook Editor Joseph Cress

The City High yearbook, The Red and White, released a free add-on to last years yearbook that included coverage of events that happened after their print date in mid March of 2015. The supplement is laid out chronologically from when events took place leading up until the last day of the school year.

Embedded on the right is a quick tutorial showing how to insert your supplement into the back cover of the yearbook.

Near the beginning a page dedicated to the final assembly of the year has a collage of photos showing off all the antics from the passionate words of Mr. Bacon to the priceless expressions of those brave enough to mount themselves atop the mechanical bull.

There are full team rosters in addition to photos and statistics for tennis, track, and soccer. Team rosters and photos for baseball and softball are also included, unfortunately due to the publication deadline of the supplement statistics of their seasons couldn’t be included.

A photo collage of Mary Poppins shows the cast performing their musical during various times over the three days of the production. The student submission driven film fest has photos from the night’s activities, including the costume contest. The supplement ends with a spread dedicated to graduation with a story and photo collage.

Throughout the supplement there are student question and answer sidebars, full page photos, and stories.