Powderpuff Football Preview

The Little Hawk has rosters for the powderpuff football games tonight.


Powderpuff football from 2013.

Jonathan House, Sports Editor

The annual powderpuff football games will be played on Thursday, September 24, following the homecoming parade. The games will be played on the softball field. The juniors will play each other, and the seniors will play each other. The winner of both will play in the championship game.

Senior Teams: Blitz Chicks and Back That Pass Up

Team: Blitz Chicks

Coached by:

Griffin Fellows

Erick Fletcher

Tom Pugh

Will Noack

Jason Jones


Parker Maurer

Elke Windschitl

Innes Hicsasmaz

Delaney Johnson

Madigan Brands

Claire Herting

Maddie DePrenger

Ashley Smith

Katelyn Maize

Izzi teDuits

Quincey Scholz

Lauren O’Brien

Sarah Brown

Emily Edwards

Tory Yeater

Fanta Traore

Rose Gamamov


Team: Back That Pass Up

Coached by:

Djimon Washington

Juma Brunett

Nick Moioffer

Paci Kaita

Players: Ciarra Butickoffer

Claire Noack

Claire Rutherford

Ella Ostedgaard

Erin Cox

Lauren Hudachek

Liz Philips

Mae Vanderweide

Olivia Hubbard

Rachael Sadewasser

Sarah Overton

Shelby Burden

Sydney Shiltz

Lauren Caris


Junior Teams: Her-icanes and Show us your TDs

Team: Her-icanes

Coached by:

Isaac Buatti

Scooter Hickman

Nate Wieland

Bryce Frantz


Alexa Ingram

Grace Brown

Shannon James

Ellie G. Dixon

Mikayla Lacey

Malika Franklin

Kenya Earl

Sydney Schroeder


Team: Show us Your TDs

Coached by: Jordain Buckland

Naeem Smith

Jared Taylor


Heidi Mentz

Abby Greazel

Payton Mcallister

Bianca Esquevel

Sami Therme

Grace Williamson

Anna Pienta

Kailey Benge

Lucy MeGehee

Marisa Milavetz

Bryn Hanrahan

Sadie Hobbs