City High Dance Marathon Brings Charity and Crowd Surfing to the Cafeteria

Innes Hicsasmaz and Naomi Meurice

Last night, Ambassadors Club hosted a mini Dance Marathon at City High to raise money for the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital. About 170 students showed up and raised $3,321, with donations still coming in. The Ferentz family agreed to donate $3,000 if the club raised over $3,000, which would bring the total up to $6331. In another part of the fundraiser, students could buy paper beach balls that were posted on the walls of the first-floor halls. The beach balls cost $1 each, and the money raised from beach ball sales will be included in the donation. Students received a raffle ticket for every beach ball they bought. Whichever class donated the most money would have their tickets entered into a raffle to win a $25 Jimmy Johns gift card. This year, seniors bought the most beach balls, qualifying them for the raffle. The winning number was 2984516. To claim your prize, go to the attendance office and show your ticket.