News Staff Pet-Peeves

The Little Hawk news staff talk about what annoys them.


Mariam Keita, Reporter

We all have those little things that really get on our nerves. I asked some members of the journalism staff what annoyed them more than anything else. Answers included everything from sticky hands to slow walkers and even fellow journalists. Read on to see if you share any pet-peeves with The Little Hawk staff.


Rasmus Schlutter

My pet-peeve is cute people. I can’t stand cute people. No don’t publish that! I actually love cute people. Institutional injustice. Eating fast and eating with your mouth open. And institutional injustice.


Madeline Deninger  

Slow walkers in the hallway and just in general


Eden Knoop:

When teachers give you a bunch of homework but only explain like a 3rd of this and then you come into class and they’re like ‘Haha, I didn’t mean to assign that.’ I mean I only spent 30 minutes on it but thanks.


Jim Geerdes

My pet-peeve? Jonathan House.


Noah Bullwinkle

Humming. Like when people are just humming.


Jonathan House

I have a couple. I don’t like people who are bad drivers. I also get really annoyed when people come through my line at Hy-vee and they’re talking on the phone. That pisses me off.


Teagan Roeder

Unsubstantiated activism.


Quincy Coghill-Behrends

When people just leave the carts in the middle of the aisle and then leave. It’s the number one thing I always fix, even when I’m not working.


Noah Freeman

Bad table etiquette bothers me. Lying for no reason.


Maya Chadwick

When people take too long at the self-checkout lines. Mr. Rogers.


Lottie Gidal

Modern Art Museums


Sofie Lie

When I have sticky hands.


Danielle Tang

When people are mean for no reason other than they derive pleasure out of other people’s pain. Letting societal opinions influence you. “Everyone likes this so I like this. Everyone doesn’t like this so I don’t like this. Everyone does this thing so I’m gonna do this thing.”


Mr. Rogers

Things that really bother me are when students lose SD cards, leaving cameras lying around. Don’t write in the third person. Plagiarism really bothers me, lying really bothers me. Disrespect. Just really, disrespect. Cold coffee, I hate that. Fast food, I really don’t like fast food. When the water backs up in the shower and the drain’s not working. Improper use of white space. Flowery writing. Flowery writing is something where someone is just trying to be cute and pretty and they’re not really telling me anything. I hate point-mongering students. Laziness. Mediocrity. Popular music. That’s about it.