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  1. Scientists discovered that the dinosaur, Daspletosaurus horneri, was covered with a mask of flat scales, with patches of armor-like skin and sheaths of horn. The skin acted as a sixth sense and allowed them to hunt and catch prey. 
  2. The world’s first glow-in-the-dark frog was discovered in Argentina. The polka-dot tree frog has translucent skin, which appears to glow. Scientists expect the glow allows for communication.
  3. Researchers are experimenting with growing human cells on spinach leaves. The scientists hope that the leaves can be used for regenerative medicine: cartilage, bone tissue engineering, and wound healing.
  4. Scientists have made progress in battling the Zika virus. Using the Hi-C technique, scientists are able to target specific DNA sequences within a mosquito. They are continuing to research the Zika virus and are hoping they can create a cure.
  5. Recently, scientists have discovered an explosion coming from a distant galaxy 10.7 Billion light-years away. Scientists have no explanation for the explosion and are currently exploring possibilities of the cause.

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