Holman and Weiss Win Debate Tournament at West High


Mariam Keita

Rhys Holman ’20 and Simon Weiss ’20 pose with their debate awards.

Mariam Keita and Maya Chadwick

The City High Debate team beat out 7 other teams during the Great Midwestern Novice and JV Debate Championships. The freshman team consisting of Simon Weiss and Rhys Holman walked away from the competition with the first place position for the Novice Policy debate.

Rhys Holman ‘20 has debated at eight tournaments this year. His partner, Simon Weiss ‘20 has been to six. Together, they have debated at five tournaments together with extreme success–they won four.

Although the team went into the debate in a serious manner, they found a way to make the whole thing lighthearted.

“[The other team] had this Trump [argument] that said if the plan happens then immigration stuff will happen that will destroy everything,” Holman said. “I was asking what the impact was — they didn’t understand [their argument] — and it was like ‘the [Mexican] people will be able to do the jobs that they are doing from the white people.’ So what you’re saying is, they took our jobs. The judges start laughing again. But those don’t count because that was a joke.”

The duo enjoys debating together and is excited for the next season.

“If I had to debate with anyone in our grade I would definitely choose Rhys because we connect well together,” Weiss said.