Chromebook Benefits


Olivia Baird, Reporter

Despite the varying opinions and numerous restrictions on the new Chromebooks here at City High, I really enjoy the resource. The Chromebooks have made my schoolwork a lot more accessible and consolidated, especially with the addition of online textbooks and other materials. Although I can understand some of the reasons why people would dislike the Chromebooks–like the fact that not everyone has Wi-Fi at home or the screen time issue–I believe the pros outnumber the cons.

My teachers are very good at using Canvas to the best of their abilities to help us as students. For instance, my Chemistry teacher puts up the answers to our homework after school so that I can check if I’m doing it correctly. This is very useful because last year, if I got a problem wrong, I would have to scramble to correct it as we were checking together in class. With these tools and online resources, I’ve found that I’m learning a lot more and truly understanding what I am doing.

Another thing that I have been able to try out with the Chromebooks has been happening in my math class. We have worked with online activities that were more engaging and fun compared to our typical class. Having a variety of ways to learn within the classroom is helpful for keeping students interested in the material.

Third, with all of the unusual weather and natural disasters happening currently, global warming is making its presence known. With the Chromebooks, we don’t use pencil and paper as much as we used to, and that is awesome. Cutting down on the amount of paper used here at City can positively impact the environment over time. This may seem very small and not very impactful, but if this idea of online classes and decreasing paper usage in schools continues to develop, it could really make a difference. The Chromebooks are just a step up in helping our environment by decreasing paper usage in our schools and ultimately in the rest of our lives.

Overall, the new Chromebooks provided by the school district are a great and handy resource that make school work much more accessible for students who don’t have access to electronics ordinarily, give new opportunities for more in-depth learning, and helping our environment one sheet of paper at a time.