Student Senate Recap: Homecoming Profits and Class Representatives

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Copy & Opinion Editor

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The Student Senate meeting for this week took place on Wednesday, October 4.

After deduction of expenses, the Senate determined the net profit from the Homecoming dance and debated on how much money to donate to charity. It decided to vote on the profit donations next week, after Gabby McCormick ’18, the treasurer, has time to compile a record of expenses to project how much money from Homecoming needs to be saved.

Vice President Patrick McMillan ’18 reported on the progress of Powderbuff volleyball, which will most likely occur in late October. After the date has been decided, the rules and regulations will be determined.

The class representative office was then introduced. Because the class representatives in the 2016-2017 school year did not have many official duties, President Teagan Roeder ’18 suggested that the position be combined with a ‘listening post’ where representatives would meet with and hear the concerns and ideas of the student body.

The Senate went into a brainstorming session and discussed ideas for the school and school events.

Because the Homecoming dance was so well-attended, it was suggested that in the 2018-2019 school year that Homecoming be held in a different venue. Initiatives to provide free tickets for students who may not be able to buy them were also discussed.

The Senate meets every Wednesday morning in room 3311 at 8:15 am. To learn more, contact Mr. Tygrett, the primary faculty advisor, or attend meetings, which are open to all students.