Student Senate Recap: Representatives Elected

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Copy & Opinion Editor

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The meeting began with a review of the student feedback from the listening post last Friday. President Teagan Roeder ’18 and Vice President Patrick McMillan ’18 reported on the listening post and reviewed notes taken by Xeniphilius Tyne ’20.

Class representative elections had previously been postponed because of absences due to PSATs. Penelope Wilkins ’21, Mira Bohannan Kumar ’20, and Maya Durham ’19 were elected class representatives. Wilkins and Bohannan Kumar ran uncontested, and Durham was elected over Eli Anderson ’19.

The Senate reviewed the budget made by Treasurer Gabby McCormick ’18 and brainstormed ideas to increase intake and fundraise for Senate. It determined to send a thousand dollars to hurricane relief in the Caribbean. Maya Durham ’19 was named head of a committee to plan for these relief efforts.

Zoë Butler ’19 proposed that for the winter dance, students choose songs on a playlist as opposed to hiring a DJ to increase student satisfaction with the music. The Senate formed a dance committee for the Snow Ball.

Donna Saehler from the guidance office then introduced the issue of unused diploma covers and their possible repurposing into photo albums or other new items. McMillan reported on Powderbuff volleyball and the possible changing of the time or date due to scheduling conflicts and miscommunications.