Time Management FAM

Lottie Gidal, News Editor

The entire freshman class gathered in Opstad Tuesday, November 21st for their third FAM, or Freshmen Ambassador Meeting.

Ambassadors Beatrice Kearns ‘19, Phoebe Chapnick-Sorokin ‘19, Tommy Brands ‘19, Eli Anderson ‘19, and Emma Hartwig ‘20 discussed ways to manage time more efficiently.

“I think that a lot of kids struggle with procrastination and getting all their work done,” said Kearns. “As a student who is involved, or as a student athlete, getting all my work done is always a struggle, so having some tools and resources to help me manage my time better is helpful, and if I can pass that on to people I’m gonna do it.”

They began by showing videos of each ambassador discussing a time in their high school careers when they failed to manage their time effectively, and then gave each other advice based on that scenario.

Freshmen were then invited up onto the stage to participate in a series of fun activities including balloon relays, eating an oreo off of the forehead, and competitive cup stacking.

“This one went really well, they paid attention and hopefully learned some stuff,” Kearns said.  “I think that the games were really fun and hopefully that helped kind of show time management in action.”

This was Kearns’ second time leading one of these meetings.

“Leading by example is an important thing, so I think that stepping up and being willing to commit to the responsibility is an important thing.”