Student Senate Recap: Ticket Sales and Song Requests

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Copy & Opinion Editor

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The Senate meeting on Wednesday, December 13 began with a report from the committees. Tickets for the winter formal are not selling at the projected rate and unless sales pick up the dance may not be entirely feasible. Extra selling shifts after school have been initiated for this purpose, and the Senate is working to promote the dance. The last Can Drive shift will be this Saturday, December 16.

Song requests have also been taken along with ticket selling. The Senate asks that students who buy tickets request a song in order to make the dance playlist diverse, interesting, and appealing to the student body.

The Senate discussed the possibility of a self-defense class to be prospectively offered to students.

Treasurer Gabby McCormick ’18 reported on the progress of the Executive Board on the planning of a spring carnival at City High.

The Senate then split into committees.

The Senate meets every Wednesday morning in room 3311 at 8:15 am. To learn more, contact Mr. Tygrett, the primary faculty advisor, or attend meetings, which are open to all students.