The Cloverfield Paradox- Movie Review

Orson Codd, Reporter

From the beginning, “Cloverfield” has been a movie franchise surrounded by mystery. The trailer for the first film didn’t even have a title. The second one came out of nowhere and, during the Super Bowl, the third installment released a 30-second teaser showing a small group of astronauts trying to escape an alternate universe.

The first two films had a good, captivating story. “10 Cloverfield Lane,” the second film, didn’t need to rely on stating that it was in the same world-arc as the first one. While people knew it was, the film didn’t have to keep pointing it out. Paradox reminded the audience that it was repeatedly, even calling the spaceship the main characters were on Cloverfield Station.

This film was originally meant to come out back in October of 2017. It was pushed back until October 2018. Rumors circulated about Netflix buying the film so they could stream it and it would no longer get a theatrical release because of how many times the film kept getting pushed back. So that makes me think that even the people in charge of distributing the film even knew that it wouldn’t have been as successful as its two predecessors.

“Paradox” fails to deliver a straight-answer story. Mysterious things keep happening to the main characters and there are little to no answers about how and why things happened. This whole franchise is filled with mystery, But “Paradox” seemed to push the boundaries of having too much mystery in it. If you’re going to make a movie about mystery, at least tie up the loose ends and don’t leave the viewers hanging.

I can say that I enjoyed the visual effects and the cinematography. This is a really beautiful looking film, especially when it shows exterior shots of the space station. Out of the three, this one definitely is the best looking; the estimated budget for the film is $45 million, you can tell that they really used it to put a lot of detail into everything.

It truly is disappointing that a Cloverfield film did not live up to expectations. While a fourth film has been confirmed and rumored to be hitting theaters (or maybe Netflix?) in October later this year, hopefully, the studio will have been able to notice the mistakes from this film and not apply them to the next.

The Cloverfield Paradox is currently streaming on Netflix.