Blockers- Movie Review

Orson Codd, Reporter

FilmScene held an free early screening of Universal Pictures’ newest film “Blockers” on Thursday, March 22nd.

The film centers around a group of parents on a mission to stop their three daughters from having sex on prom night. The film stars John Cena, Leslie Mann and Ike Barinholtz as the parents. The film is produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, the guys behind. The film is also directed by Kay Cannon, the writer behind the “Pitch Perfect” movies.

The comedy was by far the best part of the whole entire film. While someone could view the trailer for this movie and just see a slapstick comedy that the world has already seen before, you wouldn’t be 100% wrong. I found many scenes in this movie that made me burst out loud with laughter because of the quirky one-liners made by the parents. Especially John Cena. He has the stereotype of the big muscular dad, who really deep down is just a big sweetheart.

The movie touches upon the fact of how some parents are really out of date with what things on social media mean, and in my opinion, I think that was a really smart move for the movie to take. It would be one thing if the parents just didn’t want their kids to have sex, but it would be even better if the parents were a bit delusional about it because let’s face it, times are different now. Kids are wanting to try new things, which is something else the film heavily focuses on.

But where does the film falter?

At times it can be predictable. While something funny may be happening on screen, you will probably be able to point out what will happen. Which at times is a really bad thing, especially when it came to the serious moments in the film. I think with a movie like this, it’s better to just live in the moment of what is happening on screen and not have to think about what will happen 20 minutes later.

Overall, Blockers is an enjoyable movie. It is. The film currently holds a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes, which could possibly change since the film hasn’t been released to the whole world yet.

But when it does come out, if you’re looking for a movie that you can go see and walk out with a smile on your face, then I highly recommend that you go see Blockers.

Blockers hits theaters April 6th.