Album Review: My Dear Melancholy

Everline Bwayo, Reporter

For those of us who have been here since Thursday and Echoes of Silence know that The Weeknd has stepped away from his previous sound and blessed fans with his new tunes.

The Weeknd recently released an EP album “My Dear Melancholy,” with six-songs on the track. This album featured Gesaffelstein on two tracks: “I Was Never Here” and “Hurt You.” I, as an fan myself, quickly noticed similarities between his earlier mixed tapes, such as “Kissland,” “Thrilogy,” and “House of Balloons,” in a few of the songs from this new album, such as, “Call Out My Name” and “Wasted Time.” These songs trace back to his darker projects with him singing about unsuccessful relationships and drugs.

The album overall is emotional, and made me want to blast it through my speakers. “Try Me,” however, stands out the most to me as it is the most controversial. He’s still pouring out his heart with lyrics like “The way I kissed your scars, The way I fixed your heart, oh, Don’t you miss me, babe? Don’t you miss me, baby?” But throughout this track, he is pleading to be unbroken.  

His previous album, “Starboy” has been left behind, bringing back a nostalgic masterpiece. Although I thought “Starboy” was a bit of disappointment, “My Dear Melancholy,” has made up for that. “Starboy” gave him the platform to step away from his usual style, but fans know that the Weeknd is back and better than ever.



BEST TRACKS: “Wasted Times,” “Try Me.”