Not Your Average Playlist

A diverse mix of genres to spice up your playlist.


When your playlist is starting to get dull I highly recommend these songs from genres of Rap, Rock, Metal, Alternative, R&B, Techno/Club and Pop Rock.


  1. Mura Masa ft. A$AP Rocky- Love$ick
  2. Mura Masa- What If Go?
  3. Jem- 24
  4. The Kooks- Naive
  5. Rina Sawayama- Alterlife
  6. cupcakKe- Lgbt
  7. Audioslave- Like a Stone
  8. Papa Roach- Last Resort
  9. coldrain- Gone
  10. Kailee Morgue- Medusa
  11. Princess Nokia- Brujas
  12. Princess Nokia- Flava
  13. Kittie- Brackish
  14. Mayday Parade- When I Get Home You’re So Dead
  15. Tish Hyman- Subway Art/ Subway Art, Pt.2 ft. Stormzy
  16. Kadie Elder- First Time He Kissed A Boy
  17. Kanye West- New Slaves
  18. Boyz II Men- Motownphilly
  19. A$AP rocky- L$D
  20. Todrick Hall, RuPaul- Dem Beats


1) Love$ick by Mura Masa ft. A$AP Rocky is a teenage fantasy that depicts the love life of A$AP in Europe. The song has a nice mellow flow that could put you in a trance with the verses of A$AP Rocky.


2) Almost as similar to Love$ick, What If I Go by Mura Masa has a soulful voice of Bonzai to tell the story of a diverse group of couples about their love life. The song takes place in different areas in a city. In a store, on the street, in the subway and in restaurants. Uncommon places to find love.


3) 24 by Jem is a sad song that describes the final 24 hours of her life in a creepy and dramatic way to show her life and dreams drifting away.


4) Released in 2006 and charted at number five on the Uk singles chart, Naive by The Kooks had the concept of love in the lyrics and music video.


5) The alt-pop melody of Alterlife by Rina Sawayama gives off 90s karaoke that leaves you wanting more after the song is over.  


6) With her provocative lyrics and videography she exudes confidence. LGBT by cupcakKe shows her support of the LGBT with her rap skills.


7) Like a Stone by Audioslave was released in 2009. The song gives off Smells Like Teen Spirit vibes.


8) Papa Roach is rock group that released the song Last Resort, that has made an impact on me and the rock community.


9) Coldrain is a Japanese metalcore band that formed in 2007. They released a song called Gone in English.


10) Medusa by Kailee Morgue is great song if you are just chilling. The song has great verses that many will enjoy. I highly recommend.


11) An underground rapper by the name of Princess Nokia goes back to her roots in the song Brujas. The song talks about the topic of witchcraft. Brujas, the name of the song translates into witch from the spanish language.


12) Another song from Princess Nokia is Flava. The two minute and three seconds song is from her 1992 album. The song has powerful lyrics and great beat to bump your head to.


13) Formed in 1996, Kittie is an all woman heavy metal band. With the great taste in music from my sister, she showed me her favorite song, Brackish. The song is tells the story of a girl and her troublesome life.


14) Released in 2007 during the great “emo” myspace scene, When I Get Home You’re So Dead by Mayday Parade is a staple in your myspace playlist. The song is about the betrayal relationship between a couple.


15) Subway Art part one and two by Tish Hyman ft. Stormzy are grouped together because both songs and great in their own way. But since the two song are almost exactly the same besides Stormzy’s rap in pt. Two. They are both going on the list together as a great poetic song with an important message about the hardships of living in New York/ London.


16) First Time He Kissed A Boy by Kadie Elder is a beautiful song and music video about a boy crushing on a tennis player. The song has an amazing and meaningful chorus. The song has an upbeat tempo but it doesn’t take away from the lyrics.


17) Even though I don’t agree with his political views, Kanye West came out with this captivating song in 2013 called New Slaves. When I first listened to it, I realized its powerful message in today’s political climate.


18) With this iconic throwback Motownphilly by Boyz II Men is most likely played at your family’s reunion with the following lines “ What you know about this?” by your uncle or aunt. Whichever one is more wild at reunions doing the two-step. This song was popular in 1991 and still is when there is a cookout or wedding.


19) L$D by A$AP Rocky is trippy and mellow song. It has a calm and poetic melody. The video itself will put you in a trance.


20) Lastly, Dem Beats by Todrick Hall ft. Rupaul is a techno, dance song with a powerful beat. Inspired by kikis and drag shows the song is almost always played at ballroom scenes and lgbt hangout spots.