Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Borger-Germann

Anybody that has walked the halls of City HIgh has more than likely had the joy of meeting Mrs. Borger-Germann. Mrs. B, as her students know her, is a teacher, mother, graduate student, and an advocate of social reform. Mrs. B has wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father from a young age and become a teacher. Those who have had Mrs. B know that her infectious enthusiasm and energy makes her class a great place to be.

“If I just had what we do in class, I would be happy every single day of my life,” Borger-Germann said.

Mrs. B is such an amazing teacher because she genuinely cares about her students and wants them to succeed, not just in class but in life. 

“I want students to think,” said Borger-Germann, “Students say ‘I have a Mrs. B voice in my head’ but it’s not, It’s your voice. I’ve helped you make that voice.”

Mrs. B’s warm smile and openness makes her more than just a teacher but also a friend. The passion she has for teaching makes her exceptional at her job. Besides being a teacher, she is a lover of writing and also a student. She is getting her MFA in writing for children and young adults.

“I write and get up every morning at an insanely early hour [4:30] and write for two hours before I come to school,” said Borger-Germann, “Every day I want to do my art and not just my job.”

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