Study Hall: Fashion Show Takes The Halls

Lindy Rublaitus, Reporter

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Music blasting through the hall, bright lights set up, and lines of chairs along the lockers provided fashion club with the perfect setting for their Study Hall Fashion Show on Thursday, May 17th. Students had a chance to express their creativity in the form of fashion while focusing on sending a message to the community about groups such as G-World, HeForShe, SASS, and GLOW. With Andre Wright and Elizabeth Rook as the adults of the project and Rebekah Tate ’18 as a student leader, projects came to life in the halls of City where they showed off their 100% original projects.

“Fashion and makeup had always been a huge creative influence on me. I believe what we wear has a huge impact on how others see you, and more importantly, how you see yourself,” Tate said. “Fashion has always been my armor, and makeup my warpaint.”