SDEC Hosts Multicultural Night

Henry Mildenstein, Reporter

The cafeteria was bursting with energy as students attending City High’s multicultural night and performed a folk dance that they had learned in just minutes. Some students danced with grace, while others were cracking a smile as they stumbled around the cafeteria floor.

The decision for SDEC to hold a multicultural night was inspired by some of Iowa City’s elementary schools’ own multicultural nights. “Once the elementary kids had a Multicultural Night, SDEC realized that this was a good idea to promote diversity,” Michelle Tran-Duong ‘19 said.

SDEC’s goal for the event was to bring students from City High together. “I think it’s important to spread diversity as we live in a society where we try to distinguish ourselves from others, whether it be your race, sexual identity or anything else. We’re all people and sharing our cultures and sharing our differences makes us who we are,” said Tran-Duong.

Throughout the night students enjoyed food from a wide variety of cultures, the company of their peers, and several performances put on by students who wanted an outlet to share their culture.

“The performances were something I enjoyed because it’s very rare to see traditional performances in school. During pep rallies we often hear a lot more Western music and contemporary-type dances,” said Tran-Duong.

Members of SDEC who will not be graduating this year are looking to hold the event next year.

“Next year, we want to advertise the event better. The event was publicized but we would have done more with trying to get students to go,” said Tran-Duong.