Student Teacher Profile: Olivia Peterson


Kate Goodvin, Reporter

Olivia Peterson is a City high school alumna who graduated in 2015. Peterson contributed to the mural in the main staircase in city high when she was a senior, her teacher being City High’s very own Michael Close. She is currently a senior at Knox college in Galesburg, Illinois. Peterson enjoys painting, specifically landscapes.

“I do a lot of collages as well as some interiors,” Peterson said.

She didn’t go into school knowing what she wanted to do. When she started at Knox college, her academic advisor signed her up for some education classes and she became very interested in them.

“I love the socialness of being a art teacher,” Peterson said.

Peterson loves working with kids and making art.

“I am interested not in describing a space but showing the experience of it,” Peterson said. “I want to be a teacher because I feel as though it will make a positive impact on the world. Teaching art is important. A lot of people don’t take it as seriously, but I feel as though it’s the most important subject of all.”

Peterson will graduate at the end of this year and plans to continue making art and teaching.