Freshman Football Team Falls to Peet


Wayne Joseph, Reporter

The game was rapidly coming to an end as tension rose between City High and Peet Junior High. City repeatedly threw the ball wide and had players run it out of bounds in an attempt to slow down time. However, their last quarter effort was not enough. The final score was 0-20 with City High’s freshman football team on the wrong end of the game.

“I think we should have done better”, Kongolo Mwenemkamba ‘22 said. “They came out as a good team.”

Many of the players had different perspectives on the loss, but they all agreed that it was disappointing. Throughout the game, City was on the backfoot, trying to conjure up an answer for every attack that Peet threw at them. However, as reflected by the score, they were unable to reply.

“We can’t make excuses at this point”, Aaron Stalkfleet ‘22 said. “It all starts at practice.”

Jordan Hanrahan, coach of the Freshman football team had a more optimistic outlook on the game.

“Based on our performance last week, we worked on some things at practice”, Hanrahan said. “It was better today. We just have to work on consistency.”

The freshmen play their next game on September 6, when they face off against Ames at Newton High School.