The Little Hawk Named Finalist for NSPA Online Pacemaker Award


Art by Estie Dillard

Joshua Poe, Reporter

City High’s premier newspaper, The Little Hawk, has been named a finalist for the NSPA Online Pacemaker Award, joining 43 other prestigious scholastic schools with top-notch news websites. City has captured this award eight of the last nine years.

“Our team deserves this so much,” said Phoebe Chapnick-Sorokin, Co-Executive Editor of The Little Hawk. “Last year was really tough because almost all of the editors were first timers, but we worked so hard to keep the paper up and running while we were learning the ropes of being editors. I am so proud to be part of this team. The reporters and editors work so well together and we are all so overjoyed to receive this honor.”

The Pacemaker winners will be announced on April 27 in Anaheim, Calif., at the Spring National High School Journalism Convention.

“It would be amazing to win, but that’s not really what we’re looking for,” Mira Bohannan Kumar, The Little Hawk’s web editor, said. “We’ve been pushing ourselves and the quality of our site, and we recently redesigned. This is confirmation that all the work and creativity we’ve put in has paid off and that we’re providing the best experience possible to our readers, which, for a news organization, even a student one, is always the goal.”