4th Ave and Charisma in Scholarship Show

Rachel Meehan, Reporter

On Wednesday, January 9, both 4th Ave Jazz Company and Charisma performed at the Scholarship show held at Liberty High School in North Liberty. This year, the proceeds from the show went to the ICCSD Music Auxiliary. They performed with the Liberty Show Choir, Liberty Storm, as well as both West High show choirs, the Show Time Company, and Good Time Company. This is the first public show where all five show choirs around the Iowa City area performed together since the works in progress show earlier in the season.

All 5 of the show choirs have very different themes for their 2019 competition season. West High’s Show Time Company has the  theme “Freedom,” Good Time Company, West High’s varsity show choir has a theme of “Beatbox,” and Liberty Storm’s theme is “Kickin’ it in the UK!”

City High’s first competition is Saturday, January 12 in Muscatine, Iowa. Charisma is directed by Dr. Greg Grove, and 4th Ave Jazz company is directed by Mr. Tyler Hagy. Both are choreographed by Lexi Robinson.