Student Teacher Profile: Montana Crawford

Rachel Meehan, Reporter

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As third trimester begins, many new faces adorn the hallways of City High. Upcoming freshmen and student teachers become more familiar with the community at City High. Student teachers from the University of Iowa have joined City High staff in helping students at City High continue their education. Montana Crawford, a student at the University of Iowa, has joined City High orchestra conductor Meghan Stucky in helping conduct the concert and symphony orchestras at City High.

“Conducting has been my favorite part of student teaching so far, especially with the symphony orchestra,” said Crawford. “Pieces like ‘Best of ABBA’ and ‘The Lion King’ are so much fun to conduct. This has been my first time really conducting in front of a big orchestra.”

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Montana Crawford has been involved with the City High orchestra program for the second trimester. She has been a guest conductor for both orchestras, sat in on rehearsals, and led several sectionals. Now that second trimester is over, Crawford will move from student teaching with Mrs. Stucky to student teaching for Ms. Ackerson. She will also be going to Longfellow Elementary to continue her student teaching.