Student Senate Recap: Lightsabers and ‘Lections


Olivia Lusala

Invested in the workings of City High’s very own bureaucracy? You’ve come to the right place.

Mira Bohannan Kumar, Web & Copy Editor

The student senate meeting on Wednesday, March 27, began with faculty adviser Judith Dickson unsheathing a light-up lightsaber she bought on Amazon and announcing, “144,” which is the number of the aforementioned lightsabers that have been obtained for prom. “I’m not endorsing [kids taking lightsabers], but that’s a fear.”

The senate agreed on the need to dissuade students from taking lightsabers from prom.

“BYOL–Bring Your Own Lightsaber,” Yardley Whaylen ’20 said.

The senate debated holding a prom dress drive this year to resell used dresses for next year’s prom.

“We will collect gowns after graduation and then we will dry-clean them and sell them back to people for four dollars instead of $40,” President Lottie Gidal ’19 said. “If you start by telling your friends that we need dresses…I think five is just a nice goal for teachers to give out.”

The last item on the senate agenda was preparation for the upcoming presidential and vice presidential elections.

“The election is coming up soon,” Gidal said. “We should just get it on the announcements. You fill out a form, and the forms are due the week before. Then you campaign for two weeks and you give a speech at the end of the second week. We have an assembly.”

Tygrett clarified the timeline of the election.

“I believe last year we started the first Monday of May…in this case, [the election cycle] would be the sixth through the 20th,” faculty adviser Steve Tygrett said. “[The assembly] will be during advisory and cutting into sixth [period]. We have to bring pencils, because nobody has one.”

The senate meets every Wednesday at 8:10 in Room 3311. To learn more, attend meetings, which are open to all students, or contact one of the faculty advisers: Judith Dickson, Melanie Gibbens, Chip Hardesty, or Steve Tygrett.