City High Pit Prepares for Les Misérables


Zoë Miller

Members of pit orchestra play during rehearsal.

Zoë Miller, Features Editor

The City High Les Misérables pit orchestra, directed by Megan Stucky, has been rehearsing since late February. It has 23 members.

“[Les Misérables] is really different than a lot of things I’ve gotten to play. It changes keys and meters way more times than a typical orchestra piece and it really keeps us on our toes,” Beatrice Kearns ‘19 said.

One way pit music is different than regular orchestra pieces is that pit has to follow the singers.

“Something people don’t know about pit is that there are a lot of parts called safeties where we repeat the same measure over and over again until the singer is ready to move on,” Kearns said.

Les Misérables is April 12-14 at Opstad Auditorium. Tickets can be purchased online.