Politikid Weekly Report – April 19, 2019


Nova Meurice

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Ellis Chen, Reporter

The Politikid Weekly Report is a weekly blog for Politikid. The blog will give a brief recap of the most important events in politics for the past week.

Mueller Report Released

The Mueller Report came out this week, with redactions. This comes after Attorney General William Barr released a brief summary. Interpretations have been varied, with some believing it warranted further investigation, and some believing that it exonerated the president. Trump himself posted several tweets indicating that there was a lack of collusion.

Detained Immigrant Relocation Considered

Trump has also indicated that he is looking to send immigrants detained at the border to sanctuary cities, in what might be perceived as a method of retribution against Democratic mayors of sanctuary cities. Many mayors, however, have embraced the proposal.

Presidential Field Expands

Joe Biden is expected to announce running. He’s winning polls for the Democratic primary at around 27%, with Bernie Sanders around 5% behind. Kamala Harris, Beto O’Rourke, and Elizabeth Warren take up the remaining three spots more than 6% per each. Biden remains a controversy after he crossed barriers of personal space and made women uncomfortable.

The Republican field remains narrow, although Bill Weld announced that he was running on April 15. Weld offers an alternative to Trump for Republicans. Weld ran with Gary Johnson under the Libertarian ticket last year. Trump is also running and his main issue looks to be the booming economy, based on recent tweets. It is unclear if there will be candidates other than Trump and Weld.

Yemen Resolution Vetoed

Trump also used the second veto of his presidency on a bipartisan resolution to stop supporting a Saudi-led coalition in the Yemeni conflict. The Yemeni conflict is an ongoing humanitarian issue, with millions at risk of famine. Trump aimed to preserve his executive authority.