Apex Legends Infringes on Fortnite With Big Numbers of Players in the First Month


Sophie Trom

Apex Legend gained larger numbers in the first month of play than Fortnite.

Sophie Trom, Reporter

Fortnite’s player numbers after one month were at 15 million.  After one month of game play Apex Legends was at 50 million players.

Alex Nunez ‘20 and Anthony Murphy ‘20 got very heated when it came to which game was best, and which game will stay on top.

“Apex is growing right now because it’s a new game,” Alex Nunez ‘20 said. “But it’s already starting to slow down.”

However, Murphy believes that Apex Legends is the better game, even though it is believed the popularity will go down. Murphy felt that Fortnite will continue to stay on top, beside the fact that Apex Legends was the better game.

“I prefer Apex because it’s faster paced, and it’s a fresh new game.” Murphy says, “I play Fortnite more though because more of my friends play it, so I end playing it, even though I prefer Apex.”

The difficulty and effort to play well in both games are very different. Nunez expresses his opinions on what type of gamer should play each game, pointing out that the players for each game may differ depending on what game suits the player best.

“I would recommend Apex to someone who is a more casual player and doesn’t want to spend too much time on the game,” Nunes says, “However I would recommend Fortnite to anyone who wants to learn the game, and get better at it.”

With Apex Legends quick popularity it created questions in the gaming community about how it rose so quickly.

“Yeah it does surprise me, because it released without any prior advertising.” Nunez said.

According to gamers, Apex Legends has gained large popularity within a short period of time, but it is expected to lose its players gradually as the “fresh new game” aspect of the game goes away. Leaving Fortnite still in the lead.