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Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Hightshoe

When you enter room 1205, it’s immediately a new energy of happiness, jokes, and learning in the classroom. For the first few minutes of class, Hightshoe likes to have conversations with his students, and ask about how their extracurriculars and sports are going. It makes the classroom environment really happy knowing the teacher is someone who cares so much for his students.

Mr. Hightshoe has been teaching math at City High for 21 years, and coaching boys basketball for 20 years with an additional year at South East Junior High. Throughout his time here, he has made math enjoyable for students and excited them to come to class every day.

Mr. Hightshoe is an extremely understanding person, and gives students the time they need to get their work done if they are having a tough week. He cares about his students doing well and to make sure they understand what they are being taught. He takes the time out of his free time in school to help students one on one to make sure they are not falling behind. For example, when I had a concussion for a week, Mr. Hightshoe sent me videos of each lesson to make sure I wouldn’t fall behind in class, and gave me as much time as I needed to get everything I missed turned in. It really made my transition back into school a lot less stressful.

“Being a sophomore in his class, he makes me feel comfortable being younger, and easy to asks questions,” Jae Dancer ‘20 said. “Mr. Hightshoe makes the class really fun, and he’s really good at answering questions one-on-one.”

I always appreciate how he likes to lighten the mood with his jokes or fun side comments when the class gets tough. Being called a “little turd” or hearing the word “goggle” instead of “google” in Hightshoe’s class is inevitable to happen at some point throughout the year. Mr. Hightshoe likes to share his funny childhood stories with our class, and the stories always make my class smile and laugh.

I am so thankful for getting the opportunity to be in Mr. Hightshoe’s class. I don’t think I would have understood what I’ve learned so well if I hadn’t been in his class.


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