Henry Mildenstein 21 and Jason Schumann with Gandhi

Katherine Geerdes

Henry Mildenstein ’21 and Jason Schumann with “Gandhi”

Teacher Appreciation Column: Mr. Schumann

Jason Schumann quit his job as a lawyer six years ago to pursue teaching and has since been renowned as an AP World History teacher and mock trial coach.  

“I a lot of people ask me why I went from being a lawyer to becoming a teacher and I find it interesting why people don’t ask me the opposite question,” Schuman said.  “I find teaching much more rewarding both personally and professionally. I feel like I am contributing more to the betterment of our soceity by being a teacher”

Although he enjoys many things about his job Schumann finds the diversity of the students to be his favorite part, “I enjoy the energy that students bring and how the students do quirky things everyday that make my job more enjoyable.

Evan McElroy 21’ enjoys class with Schumann.

“He’s a really down to earth guy and his class is my favorite period of the day. He’s done a good job of preparing us for the AP test,” McElroy said.

Katherine Geerdes 21’ has always appreciated Schumann’s desire to improve as a teacher.

“Often times during class he takes the time to ask us how we would learn better or what we need as students and I appreciate his opensses to being critiqued,” Geerdes said.

Over the course of his teaching career Schumann believes he has learned à lot about the teaching process.

“I think when you go into teaching you often have this idea that it’s going to be easy and that anyone can do it. Then once you learn the science and methodology behind teaching I found it to be far more complex,” Schumann said.

By embracing the complexity of teaching, Schumann has brought many new approaches to his classroom that sparked joy among him and many of his students.

“I very much enjoy teaching. It’s kind of like a legal drug because I get endorphins and biological kicks from it,” Schumann said.


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