“Galaxy Nights: May the Fourth Be With You” Prom is a Hit

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Reporter

Students in sparkling dresses and tuxedos flooded the Iowa Memorial Union on Saturday May 4 to enjoy a “Galaxy Nights: May the Fourth Be With You” prom.

“I think the overall experience of prom was wonderful,” Judith Dickson, a social studies teacher at City High who was in charge of prom decorations this year, said. “I think the decorations really enhanced the Star Wars theme.”

The front of the ballroom had tables with light saber bouquets, the back of the ballroom had a dancefloor with a DJ.

“It was very upbeat and fun,” Muriel Brown ‘20 said. “Everyone was dancing or talking to their friends, just having a good time.”

Students and teachers thought that one of the cool and unique things about prom was the “Star Wars” reenactors who were walking around the ballroom.

“I thought [the theme] was pretty funny,” Brown said. “I liked all of the stormtroopers walking around at the dance.”

Dickson was happy with the student turnout, with around 550 kids having attended prom. Student Senate was able to cover the cost of prom with the prom tickets sold.

“We covered our costs,” Dickson said. “We don’t make a profit on prom. student senate makes a profit on homecoming, but prom, no.”

A few weeks before prom Dickson sent a Google Form out to all of the juniors and seniors asking them to request songs for prom. Although only about 75 kids responded, the songs that got the most requests were the ones that were then sent to the DJ.

“You never can please kids about music,” Dickson said. “If kids want music in the future, they should always submit song requests when asked.”

Melanie Gibbens, a social studies teacher and student senate advisor, explained that the prom experience is suppose to be a nice send-off for the seniors. Students felt like their whole night, from taking pictures to going to the dance, was very enjoyable.

“I really like getting ready and going out to dinner with my friends,” Brown said. “I don’t think I had a least favorite part. It was all really fun.”

Dickson enjoyed seeing the kids’ reactions when they saw the setup of prom and loved getting to plan the event. “It was fun to plan and I appreciate student senate’s willingness to let me plan a ‘May the Fourth’ ‘Star Wars’ prom, as it seemed like it was a given,” Dickson said.