LH Game Day: The Little Hawk’s Travel North to Take on the Mustangs of Dubuque

Video Interview with Josh Honson Gametime: 7:30 P.M. @ Dubuque Hempstead

Aaron Stalkfleet

Aaron Stalkfleet, Reporter

Players to Watch

City High

QB Raph Hamilton JR: 13/31 (41.9%) 156 yards passing (12.0 yds/comp) 0 INT:2 TDs 
QBR 105.5   32 rushes for 139 yards  (4.3 yds/carry) 1 TD


RB Tonka Hickman SR: 76 rush attempts for 376 yards (4.9 yds/carry)  5 TDs


WR Jamari newson SO: 7 receptions for 117 yards   (16.7 yds/carry) 1 TD


S/P Gable Mitchell SO: 12 total tackles: (9 solo tackles 3 assisted) 

8 punts for 265 yards  (33.1 yds/punt) longest of 53


Dubuque Hempstead

QB Aiden Dunne JR: 20/48 (41.7%)  228 yards passing (11.4 yds/comp)   1 INT:1 TD 

QBR 84.3    43 rushes for 137 yards (3.2 yds/carry) 2 TDs


RB Jalen Smith JR: 34 rushes for 157 yards  (4.6 yds/carry) 4 TDs


WR Eli Herrion SR: 11 receptions for 101 yards  (9.2 yds/catch)



                                              Q & A with Defensive End Josh Honson

LH: How good did it feel last Friday night when you guys beat Ames and raised the Little Cy-Hawk Trophy?

Josh Honson: “It felt really good, it was our first win of the season. We had two rough losses to start and it felt like we just won the Super Bowl. We got the trophy for the first time in like 3 or 4 years so it just felt really good.”


LH: Is it easier to raise your level of intensity when you know you’re going against a rival like Ames and a trophy is on the line?

Josh Honson: “It was a lot easier for Ames because it was for the trophy and ESPN had their camera’s there and Iowa State had their whole marching band there. They had their whole crowd packed up and we didn’t have anybody. It was just us vs them and the intensity was definitely a lot higher than normal.”


LH: What did you learn about this team after beating Ames?

Josh Honson: “I don’t think I learned anything, I’ve known we can beat these teams. I know we can win games. The first game against Liberty was rough, we should have won that. Cedar Falls is just a really good team. I know we could have beat Ames and I know we can win more games.”


LH: What are some things that have stood out to you from watching Hempstead’s film?

Josh Honson: “They have a good quarterback who can scramble but that’s nothing really new. Liberty’s quarterback ran a lot. Cedar Falls just had a really good quarterback and Ames quarterback ran a little bit too so it’s nothing new.”


LH: What has preparation been like this week as you get ready for Hempstead?

Josh Honson: It’s been the same as normal. Just watching a lot of film. Just practicing hard, learning all of our new plays with the new defense so just the same as always.”