Greenpeace Joins with Shimek Elementary School to Help Promote Recycling

Jesse Hausknecht-Brown, Features Editor

You are in the fourth grade. You go to Shimek Elementary School. You are drinking from a plastic water bottle. You finish the water bottle. You go to recycle it. But wait! There is no plastic recycling at Shimek! Do not fear. The Greenpeace club at City High has a plan for that.

“We’ve already contacted Shimek about recycling plastic there because they don’t do plastic recycling… We’re going to talk to the principal and try to figure out [if] there is a way that we can set up a pickup plastic situation,” Azzurra Sartini-Rideout ‘20, one of the creators of Greenpeace, who describes herself as “any other member who just came up with an idea,” said.

The idea is to have the students at Shimek learn about recycling and then have City High students pick up the recycling and take it to a recycling plant. These hours could count as Silver Cord hours.

“If [it] works, I think we also want to do something with other elementary schools because we all feel like we should get them started at a young age,” Sartini-Rideout said.

Although it took a couple of weeks to get the club up and running this school year, they have had a few meetings and are excited about the upcoming projects at City High and in other schools in the district.

“I know Interact Club is also doing something about recycling at City High, because it turns out that the recycling at City High isn’t actually recycled,” Sartini-Rideout said. “So [we want to] set something up where City High actually recycles.”

The club meets in room 1312 on Monday mornings at 8:15.