Psych Club Posts Positivity Messages Throughout City High

Julianne Berry-Stoelzle

Colorful sticky notes covered the mirror in the girls’ bathroom at City High last Thursday. Upon closer inspection, they contained handwritten inspirational messages such as, “Hey, I hope you have an amazing day,” “You are so strong,” and, “You are never without a friend.”

“I smiled a little [when I saw them] because that would have been a nice message for someone who is having a bad day to see,” Sifa Jack ‘23 said.

These sticky notes were distributed around the school at the beginning of the school day. Sylvia Jones ‘23 noticed them when she walked into the bathroom during fifth period.

“I saw an ‘It’s going to get better’ sticky note. It made me feel positive and want to spread the positivity,” Jones said.

Psych Club hand-wrote the notes during their meeting Thursday morning. This was a collective effort for Depression Awareness Month.

“I had people in mind when I was writing these notes, people who I thought would like to hear that message, or even something I would want someone to tell me,” Phil Tyne ‘20, a member of Psych Club, said. 

Tyne described the club’s environment as fun, yet calming, and explained how the club plans on bringing therapy dogs to City in the future.

“I think it helps to an extent,” Tyne said. “It’s not fixing the problem [of depression], but it is something that can brighten someone’s day just a little bit.”