Premier League: Who To Watch


Isaac Bullwinkle

Predictions for this weekend by Isaac Bullwinkle.

Isaac Bullwinkle, Reporter

Wondering who’s going to win in the Premier League this weekend? Well, I’m here for you. Every week I’ll be analyzing three fixtures that I feel will be the best games to watch and I’ll give an outcome, a score, and why. 

Arsenal vs. Wolverhampton Wolves:

Arsenal 2-1 Wolverhampton


Wolverhampton is an extremely underrated team and Adama Traore is one of the most promising players in the Premier League. Traore is incredibly strong and fast, and has a perfect mind for the game. However, Arsenal is consistent in their defense and offense and I believe that that will show this weekend. 

Leicester City vs. Crystal Palace:

Leicester City 1-0 Crystal Palace


These are two teams that have proved many wrong this season, and seeing them face off will be very interesting. On Leicester City’s side, Jamie Vardy is a very explosive player capable of scoring many goals. However, the chemistry between Crystal Palace’s back line should hold Vardy to only one goal. As good as Crystal Palace is, their offense isn’t the most exciting and that is why they will fail to get any points this weekend.

 Liverpool vs. Aston Villa

Liverpool 5-0 Aston Villa


While this may not be the best game, it will surely be entertaining. Liverpool are a joy to watch and so is their manager, Jurgen Klopp. With one of the most electric strikers in the Premier League, Mohammed Salah, Liverpool should be able to pile up on Aston Villa. Salah, along with stars Trent Alexander-Arnold, and Saudio Mane should be able to light up the pitch, all while being backed up by the best Center-Back in the world, Virgil Van Dijk. Whether you follow soccer or not, this will be a joy to watch. 


Let’s see how close I am to the real results, and I’ll see you next week!