New Teacher Profile: Jessica Mouchka


Nykaria Mosley

New teacher Jessica Mouchka is a new geometry teacher at City High.

Jessica Mouchka is a first year teacher at the school that leads, but third year overall.  She taught at Dubuque West before coming to City. Mouchka grew up wanting to be a teacher, and she knew she wanted to be a math teacher.

“Geometry has impacted my life because it taught me preserve. At Iowa State there was one teacher who was known to be strict. He pushed me in ways I didn’t see until years later when I started teaching Geometry. Those are the skills I’m trying to instill in my geometry students: that you can do hard things, and that even though something may be challenging, when you succeed in it, the pay off will be immensely more impactful than it was hard in the first place,” Mouchka said.

The subjects Mouchka teaches are Algebra 1 and Geometry, but her heart really lies on Algebra 2. She feels that Geometry and Algebra has really impacted her life over the years.

“ It’s a slow process for some, faster for others, but in my opinion it pays off and makes me recognize that I made the best decision of my life when I decided to become a teacher,” said Moucka.

She also enjoys basketball, which is why she is also a basketball coach at City High.

“ I had a basketball coach, who showed me how I wanted to be supported, so that has turned into a role model on how I want to support my athletes,” said Mouchka.

“SHE IS AWESOME, I LOVE HER SO MUCH,”  said Marquell Jones