MORP 80’s themed dance coming to City


MORP, a backwards prom, is coming to City High School at the end of the month. It is a “Sadie Hawkins Dance” of sorts, meaning that girls are encouraged to ask guys. The dance was coordinated by Sophie Neems with Student Senate. In addition the dance is set to kick off Student Senate’s can drive in support of the Iowa City Crisis Center.The cost to get into the dance will be $5 or 3 cans of food, and it’s to be 80’s themed.“There’s been some confusion as to what that means,” Neems said. “ That means leggings, big sweatshirts, off the shoulder shirts, neon colors, big hair, tight rolled up jeans, spandex, hair scrunchies and side poytails, jean jackets, and leather pants. Basically anything crazy and cool. Also, there will be modern music too! Not just music from the 80s, because there was some confusion about that too!”
MORP will be in the City High Cafeteria on Friday, February 24th from 8-10pm.
“Don’t get there too late!” Neems said. “Otherwise you’ll miss out on all the fun because there will only be two hours of boogying!”
Below is a video prepared to promote the dance, a shorter version of it without audio will be shown on the TVs in the hallways (of City) starting sometime next week.
Video by Eli Shepherd for Student Senate. Special to The Little Hawk.