Mid-Winter Orchestra Concert


Rachel Marsh

The City High Symphony orchestra joins with members of Wind Ensemble to perform the finale from Dvorak's "New World Symphony."

Rachel Meehan, A&E and Copy Editor

On February 5th, music by famous composers such as Dvorak and Mozart graced the aisles and catwalks of Opstad auditorium during the mid-winter orchestra concert. Both concert orchestra and symphony orchestra joined together and performed many pieces for family, friends, and City High staff. 

“My favorite part of the concert was by far was the Dvorak, the full orchestra piece,” said Megan Stucky, the orchestra director at City High. “Everybody was enjoying it, the energy was awesome, and it was a really incredible experience. The orchestras played as an ensemble. They listened and they communicated with each other and it was great! It was super inspirational for me.”

Symphony orchestra’s concertmaster, Oliver Bostian ‘21, was very pleased with the orchestra’s performances and is looking forward to the future in the orchestra department. 

“I think we did a great job in the Dvorak really playing together as an ensemble and making sure our dynamic contrast was awesome,” said Bostian. “In the future, I think we can work on watching our section leaders and making sure we continue to communicate with our eyes.”

Looking ahead, the orchestras will be putting on their 39th annual dessert concert on March 4th at 7:30. Tickets for this concert are now on sale. The theme this year will be “Music from around the World” and will feature a Marquez’s symphony, “Danzón No. 2.”