AP Exams Shift to Accommodate COVID-19 Challenges


Haileigh Steffen

AP students can find more information about exam changes on the College Board website.

Haileigh Steffen, Art Editor

The College Board announced early this month that they will be changing the format of the 2020 AP exams in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The test will be shortened to 45 minutes and students will be able to take them at home either electronically or on a paper copy. Other changes include changing the exam to an open book essay response. 

Students now have the option of opting out of their exams and receiving a full test refund. 

Rachel Tornblom ‘22 is taking the AP World History: Modern exam this year and has some concerns about the changes, most notably about not being prepared for the specific format the exams have been changed too. However, Tornblom says that the College Board had no other choice. 

“Well, I think there was no other way to do it. And they needed to take the test now,” Tornblom said, “Since it is an open book, it’s better. I feel better when the tests aren’t open book because I can’t waste time checking answers.”

Tornblom adds that she believes taking the test at home will alleviate test anxiety. She also notes that her teacher has done an excellent job preparing her throughout the year.  

“I think the teachers are doing the best they can to prepare us: zoom meetings and sending out materials,” Tornblom said. “Already this year they’ve worked hard at preparing us for the exams. There’s always the last-minute DBQ that we didn’t go over a whole lot. But they are definitely trying.”

AP students can find more information about exam changes on the College Board website.