What to Watch, Read, and Listen to According to Little Hawks

Haileigh Steffen

Show | Criminal Minds

“Excellent story, good performance, well shot – just an overall good T.V. show. However, I watch [Criminal Minds] for Spencer Reid only. God bless that sexy hunk of a man.”

Izzy Jurgens ‘22


Documentary | Beasts of No Nation (2015)

“It’s a very powerful and moving film. [Beasts of no Nation] is truthful and shows a lot of what is going on that many people aren’t so aware of.”

-Anonymous ‘20


Podcast | Office Ladies 

“For anyone who loves the show The Office, [Office Ladies] takes you behind the scenes with inside information from two ladies who were on the show. It’s fun to listen to what they have to say and then rewatch the episodes.”

-Phil Lala


Movie | Dazed and Confused (1993)

“The movie is basically a comedic snapshot into the last day of high school for a graduating class. It’s utter heartache if you’re missing school at the moment – especially if you’re a senior. Ouch.”

-Haileigh Steffen ‘22


Book | A View from the Bridge (Nicholas Meyer)

As far as autobiographies go, it’s pretty entertaining. Meyer is simultaneously self-deprecating and self-enfranchising and narrates his journey through Hollywood like a comedy skit. Although its intended audience is Star Trek fans, it’s got some really great insight [into] the world of screenwriting, directing, acting, and Hollywood drama. Plus, Meyer went to the University of Iowa and recounts his time in Iowa City here! I highly recommend it.

-Reese Hill ‘20