Teacher Appreciation: Mr. Kowbel


Courtesy of Mike Kowbel

Mike Kowbel directing the City High band during a concert.

Caroline House, Reporter

This is Mr. Kowbel’s first year at City High and hopefully not his last. Mr. Kowbel teaches Freshman Concert band and Wind Ensemble. He is one of the people that makes not just the music department, but City High in general, fun to be at. 

Band with Mr. Kowbel is one of my favorite classes, partially due to his funny one-liners like “I’m a garbage can when it comes to flute” or “Measure 22 my mistake, my eyes don’t work and I never learned how to read.” These quirky one-liners are so funny that people write them down in quote documents. 

Mr. Kowbel is also one of those teachers who goes out of his way to make sure everyone is in a happy state of mind. Constantly reminding us that his office door is always open, no matter what time of the school days. He makes sure everyone knows his main job is to ensure everyone’s well being, his second is to teach music. Every week since spring break he has been doing weekly Zoom meetings with the freshman concert band so everyone can reconnect and if anyone needs to talk, they can. 

He is willing to deal with dumb jokes that a lot of people would find annoying. Like when he taught at South East last year, the eighth-grade band bought him a three-foot-tall cowbell, due to the fact a lot of people mispronounce his name as “cowbell.” This cowbell is now proudly displayed in his office as a reminder of this ridiculous joke. 

So if you are looking for a laugh or some motivational words of wisdom, talk to Mr. Kowbel. 

Mr. Kowbel we thank you.